Channel Dial not receiving hangup action after call is picked

I am new to Asterisk ARI. I am trying to dial out a number or peer. The dial out was successful but after the call is picked, the asterisk no longer receive any events from the application.
I already setup ChannelHangupRequest and CHannelDestroyed event but none triggers whenever the call is ended on any of the end except ended by the code.

I used dial function on the channel. Anyone experienced this, any help or support will be appreciated.

This is a sample of my dialling code. But after call is picked. No other activity happens until call is automatically ended.

let bridge = await channel._client.Bridge().create();
await bridge.addChannel({channel:});

let outboundChannel = await channel._client.Channel().create({
    // endpoint : `PJSIP/66854${destination}@aloha`,
    endpoint : `PJSIP/dsl-ivr`,
    app : 'outbound',

await bridge.addChannel({channel:});

await outboundChannel.dial({timeout: timeout});

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