Change From Audio to Video Call using Asterisk server and Grandstream Phones


I have an office setup which has an asterisk server and 2 grandstream phones connected. I am able to make audio calls between the two phones but whenever i want to switch to video call while the audio call is on, it doesn’t switch.

Anyone experienced this before or have idea how this can be resolved.


Did the phones negotiate a video streams at the start? Asterisk used not to be able to add streams duringa re-INVITE and I beleive that is still the case.

Asterisk 16 with PJSIP may work better in that regard, but it’s not a scenario that has been tested so it still may not.

No. I started with a voice call, then switch to video call. But when i try to switch to video call, it writes “Video invitation fail”

I use asterisk 13.8.3 version.
How do i configure pjsip on the asterisk… can you u help me with a tutorial.


Asterisk 13 does not have the new stream support, so I don’t know how well (or even if) it would work. 16 would have a better chance as mentioned. The wiki[1] has lots of information on configuring PJSIP.



I am doing the upgrade and and will try the pjsip functionality…

Will get back to you as soon as i finish.

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