Chan_sip.c handle_request_invite

I have just install an asterisk server on a ubuntu machine and while i was trying to register the asterisk on a sip trunk , the authentication wasn’t working.
I am facing an issue where it says:
Handle_request_invite: Call from “”(45.155…) to extension … rejected because extension not found…
I don’t even know whose IP Adress this is and i am getting this notice after i load the file in asterisk terminal.
After I type in the command “sip show channels” it comes up with random peers which i didnt even register to. How can i fix it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is it inbound or outbound?


This is what it looks like I don’t even know whose IP-Adress that is. Any Solution?

Check your sip.conf context Matches extension.conf context.

Protect your system with fail2ban. Also chan_sip is deprecated, you should use chan_pjsip

I iwill try to install asterisk in a new machine. Can i use the same syntax in pjsip.conf file as sip.conf?


Please use PJSIP.

And also Change context=Public in your sip.conf to Default or match to your current Context.


No it’s different. It’s different syntax.

Thanks for the help guys !!

You solved!.

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