chan_sip.c:4086 retrans_pkt

Dear, I installed Asterisk in a virtual machine and get as many warnings
WARNING [2848]: chan_sip.c: retrans_pkt 4086: Timeout on 2989ab624c3ff379f999fe16e04b4512 on non-critical transaction invite.

I wonder what it is and if it has solution and how should I do

Can you help me

Asterisk repeatedly transmitted a re-INVITE. It got no reply.

Fix the peer (I presume the network had to be OK for you to get this far.

Re-invites can be for, connected line updates, session-timers, or direct media. You can disable the first and last by using sendrpid=no and directmedia=no (previously called canreinvite). You can disable the middle one sufficiently to stop Asterisk initiating re-invites by using session-timers=refuse.

Just my 2 cents:

I’ve encountered a bot, who sent random INVITEs and never answered to 401 responses. My console was really FULL of this mess.

I banned him forever using this recipe: … an-per-ip/

Somehow, this was not caught by my fail2ban asterisk logs watcher. Would/Should it be possible somehow [to make asterisk write WARNING messages with IPs of non-responsive 401 receivers] ?