chan_sip.c:3370 __sip_xmit


i’m here to find help with my AVM Fritz.Box and Asterisk.

Sometimes it connect to the asterisk, but most there’s no connection.

My firewall allows Input connection to TCP / UDP 5060.

From the same pc in network twinkle can connect, as you can see.

Any Ideas?

Thanks and best regards

You need to open the port ranges configured at each end for RTP.

I think that are the port range.

Must firewall rule output and/or input and tcp or udp?

can i change the rtpstart / rtpend?

Thanks and best regards.

Both ends.

You need to change the ranges on the devices that are connecting Asterisk, or fully open all outbound UDP.

i can phone from 1000 to 3300 (but i don’t have sound, i don’t hear hello world)
I can phone from 1001 to 3300 (but i don’t have sound, i don’t hear hello world)
I can’t phone from 1000 to 1001
I can’t phone from 1001 to 1000

i don’t know what to do.


You will need to provide more details (a sip trace, possibly using sip set debug on) to work out which packet wasn’t getting through, however you might want to note that some soft phones have broken imlementations of sip re-invites.