chan_mobile works with latency and delay

chan_mobile works for me, but hear with latency and delay :cry:

the module works fine ! :wink:
but the sound comes arround 2-3 seconds later, Between words and words.

anybody know something like this ?

my best regards.

Sorry with my english

i write from Chile, LatinAmerica

Do you use vanilla asterisk from trunk or a branch? or do you use any flavour like Trixbox? Can you please detail your installation process?

am using the trunk compiled (on haid style ) :wink:

on a debian

first not work because the class what i was used,
later, this work, because,
the comunications present a delay to speech,

the mobile comunication are established but , is strange,
the people are confused to talk , because the talk , is combined in headset and mobile phone,…

is the only thinks waht happens,…

i read ths topic

but not results , the problem persist…

thanks you and

sorry whit my writting