Chan_dongle doesn't show CALLERID(num) in incoming calls

Recently I started to use chan_dongle module and I obseved that this module doesn’t show CALLERID(num) in incoming calls.

I am using a modem Huawei E160X firmware versions 11.609.10.02.432.

Anyone have this kind of problem?

My dongle variables are:


interval=15                     ; Number of seconds between trying to connect to devices

context=dongle-incoming         ; context for incoming calls
group=0                         ; calling group
rxgain=0                        ; increase the incoming volume; may be negative
txgain=0                        ; increase the outgoint volume; may be negative
autodeletesms=yes               ; auto delete incoming sms
resetdongle=yes                 ; reset dongle during initialization with ATZ command
u2diag=-1                       ; set ^U2DIAG parameter on device (0 = disable everything except modem function) ; -1 not use ^U2DIAG command
usecallingpres=yes              ; use the caller ID presentation or not
callingpres=allowed_passed_screen ; set caller ID presentation          by default use default network settings
disablesms=no                   ; disable of SMS reading from device when received
language=en                     ; set channel default language
smsaspdu=yes                    ; if 'yes' send SMS in PDU mode, feature implementation incomplete and we strongly recommend say 'yes'
mindtmfgap=45                   ; minimal interval from end of previews DTMF from begining of next in ms
mindtmfduration=80              ; minimal DTMF tone duration in ms
mindtmfinterval=200             ; minimal interval between ends of DTMF of same digits in ms
callwaiting=auto                ; if 'yes' allow incoming calls waiting; by default use network settings
disable=no                      ; OBSOLETED by initstate: if 'yes' no load this device and just ignore this section
initstate=start                 ; specified initial state of device, must be one of 'stop' 'start' 'remote'
exten=+1234567890               ; exten for start incoming calls, only in case of Subscriber Number not available!, also set to CALLERID(ndid)
dtmf=relax                      ; control of incoming DTMF detection, possible values: