Cellular Line (GSM)


I am currently working on a senior project before I graduate and have chosen to create a set of labs (for future classes) that incorporate open-source software, Asterisk being the main part. I was initially going to have a SIP trunk through the network of the school into one of the lab rooms (for lab purposes). Though, due to policy as well as other issues, I am resorting to connecting to the cellular network by some means, bypassing the schools network completely.

I do not need anything fancy, I just want to be able to connect the LAN (containing the Asterisk Server) to a cellular network (GSM, etc) so that I can make outgoing calls to other mobile users, PSTN, etc. Main factor is cost as this is a project.

I have done some research and have found the PORTech MV-370. It seems to do what I need at a reasonable price but am not entirely sure. If I was to purchase this device how much would Cell service cost? If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions of what would be fun, practical, and interesting Asterisk feature/service to implement for a lab, let me know. As of right now the classes are limited to using basic Cisco Call Manager with basic features.


The same as a mobile phone in the same location and on the same network, using the same SIM.

Note that there are often restrictions on the use of these devices as the cellular infrastructure is not dimensioned to support large volumes of traffic from a fixed location. In the UK, it is allowed, as long as one end of the all is always within your organisation’s internal network (i.e. no service provided to outside users).

Ok, so if I understand correctly I can purchase the PORTech MV-370 and essentially pay for a cellular phone line (GSM). Then take the sim and place it into the device?

So if anyone who uses a sim card in their smart phone will be able to place their sim into the PORTech MV-370 and receive/place calls via the Asterisk Server?


I haven’t checked the specific device, but that is how normal GSM gateway devices work.