I need to get call duration for each call and enter into our db using a trigger . would like to know how reliable is it cdr in mysql.

It’s quite reliable. I’ve been using it for a number of years and haven’t really had any problems with it.

SGM are you using for billing purpose ? and also are you using with mysql ? are call channels from sip inbound to outbound covered or there are any exception of some being left out .

I’m not sure if a trigger would be the best way to achieve this, as I’m not sure if asterisk doesn’t insert a line first and then updates that record - you would have to check the code for this. I am using it for kind of billing, but for keeping track of my own usage, not for billing customers. I have though used it for billing and was quite reliable. I have used it with both MySQL and PostgreSQL. I’m not sure what you mean in your last question, but it does log in my experience everything the csv logs. I guess you’d have to try it out.

thanks alot SGM …


The best way to get the CDR log in DB is the real time configuration. You can configure the Asterisk CDR with MySQL DB in real time mode. You will get all the data directly in MySQL DB.