Cdr analyse

hello everybody :smile:

I try to analyse the file master.csv.

I have 3 questions and I don’t find the answer after many hours on the web, I hope you can help me :

  • How can I detect outgoing and incoming calls ?? (for a generic usage)
  • In case of an incoming call, where I can find the user called ??
  • what are the values of the “dcontext” field, is it different from a system to another ??

thanks a lot for your help :smile:

Answering your quuestions:

1.- You can do it looking for the channel and dstchannel field. The channel field is the channel that originate the call and dstchannel field is the channel that receive the call.

2.- In the dst field you have the extension number that receive the call.

3.- dcontext is the context in the dialplan that execute the last application.

I hope this can help you.