Capture RTP IP Address


I would like to capture the remote IP address that RDP is coming from. I am experimenting with this in my h extension:

same => n,Set(CDR(rtpdest)=${CHANNEL(rtpdest,audio)}) same => n,Set(CDR(rtpsource)=${CHANNEL(rtpsource,audio)})

Nothing is being recorded. I suspect that is because media has stopped at extension h. Maybe I should try and capture the IP address at the beginning of the call somehow?

Does anyone know how I can achieve this?

Many thanks.


Media is supposed to have stopped at extension h!

If you are inter-nconnecting to another VoIP PABX, the remote RTP address can and often does change throughout the call.

I should explain that I am aware RTP IP address could change during the call. I would be happy to capture the RTP IP address at the start or end of the call.

I hope this is a detailed explanation of what I want to acheive.

Can anyone help me with this?

Many thanks.


exten=>h,1,Noop( ${CHANNEL(rtpsource,audio)} ${CHANNEL(rtpdest,audio)}

First check if variables are accesible from the h extension, and if so make sure that rtpdest and rtpsource colums exist on your cdr table assuming you are loging the CDR info on a database.