Cant transfer calls using pjsip users!


I am using asterisk 18.

-When I am using SIP/1002, SIP/1002 and so on, I can transfer calls using my softphone.

  • But, When I am using PJSIP/1001 or PJSIP/1002, I cant transfer calls why? Thanks.

I need your help!

You haven’t provided enough information. What type of transfer (blind or attended)? Is it using the built-in functionality in the phone? What does “Cant transfer” actually mean? What is the SIP log (pjsip set logger on)? What happens in the Asterisk console when you try?

Full details:

  • I am using attended transfer

  • When I transfer calls from one extension to another extension, I can’t transfer if I use PJSIP users. But SIP users works like SIP/1001

  • I am getting cli error this " ERROR[20579]: res_pjsip_refer.c:914 refer_incoming_blind_request: Channel ‘PJSIP/3005-0000001c’ from endpoint ‘3005’ attempted blind transfer to ‘3009@test-siptrunk’ but target does not exist"

Note: I am using the PJSIP/3005 I am using, The one I want to transfer the call to is PJSIP/3009.

That would appear to show a blind transfer attempt to a dialplan extension that does not exist.

what do this comman show

dialplan show 3009@test-siptrunk


dialplan show test-siptrunk

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