Can't register a sip user from outside

i have my asterisk server behind a nat, all is fine in the local network but when i try to register a user from outside, this is what happens

btw i have asterisk running on CentOS 6.4, i just add a sip account to the sip.conf file without any change


my router is a motorola sbg901

5060, 10,000 - 10,500 forwarding to my server

if someone could give me a hand with this i will appreciate that.

Please use Asterisk Support.

Please cut and paste logs as text.

The error messages clearly say that the password is wrong.

yes, it says wrong password but im know that the password isnt wrong… COME ON, how could some fail putting 1234 as password -.- / btw i registered the same user in my local network :confused:

Please do a “sip set debug on” and copy/paste the output of the SIP registration sequence.

The error states that you have a bad password. It is possible that the phone is sending the login for the wrong sip peer (hence, the wrong password). We need to check the debugs for the SIP registration proces.