Can't make call on WebPhone

So, I’m new to asterisk, and I’m developing a WebPhone. At first, I can get one extension to call the other, but when it comes to answering it, it automatically shuts off. This is the output I get on the asterisk console when it rolls the call.

Other than that, I can not connect via WSS, just WS. I do not have much experience with certificates and everything.
If there’s anything else I can post to get help, I’m happy about it. Could someone help me?

[Jun 26 15:54:40] ERROR[9202][C-00000001]: netsock2.c:305 ast_sockaddr_resolve: getaddrinfo(“eldg73r54utr.invalid”, “(null)”, …): Name or service not known
[Jun 26 15:54:40] WARNING[9202][C-00000001]: chan_sip.c:16734 __set_address_from_contact: Invalid host name in Contact: (can’t resolve in DNS) : ‘eldg73r54utr.invalid’
[Jun 26 15:54:40] ERROR[9202][C-00000001]: netsock2.c:98 ast_sockaddr_stringify_fmt: getnameinfo(): ai_family not supported

The general view on this forum is that you should not attempt WebRTC until you have a deep understanding of all the component protocols.

I understand.
Still need help.

Or at least an indication of where to start studying or something, I really need to solve this problem until Saturday or I’ll be in big trouble… :sob:

I seem to remember that WebRTC cannot use the Contact header in any useful way, so I have a feeling this is either harmless or reflects a doomed attempt to reconnect because the TLS connection has been lost.

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That’s a configuration on my WebPhone, right?