Can't install pbx_lua module

Hello, tell me, please, what could be the problem? The Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS machine cannot load the pbx_lua module, I tried it for different versions of Asterisk, the same problem everywhere.

Have you installed the “liblua5.2-dev” package, as the development libraries for lua are a dependency?

Thank you very much, that was the problem! Very strange, I installed asterisk on Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS without this package and there were no such problems

  1. Which specific version/s of Asterisk have you tested this on? Just quoting
    the most stable release version you’ve used should be sufficient.

  2. How have you installed Asterisk on this machine?

  3. Please can you copy and paste the text of what happens when you try to load
    the module - screenshots and similar graphics are not visible to anyone
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