Can't do parallel OriginateActions with 1 Manager connection

My problem is that I cannot use one connection for two parallel Originate Actions. Even if I don’t wait for the response the 2nd originate does not start before the 1st one ends (with timeout or pickup). This behaviour occured both when using Asterisk-Java and when using a simple TelnetClient instead.

How can I do parallel originate actions with one Manager connection?
I read about the “AstManProxy”, is this of any help in my case?

I handled this problem by opening as much connections as actions are running at the same time, but I read at a couple of places that Asterisk “doesn’t like” too much manager connections. Asterisk crashed a few times (Segmentation fault).
Could this be due to the amount of manager connections?

I (normally) use Asterisk-Java, Asterisk version is 1.2.1.


Have you set the Async parameter to true?

Async: For the origination to be asynchronous (allows multiple calls to be generated without waiting for a response)

The one will always start slightly before the other one but it should not be queued in such a manner that the one has to finish before the other starts.

I use Delhpi with Indy Sockets. I have written a Windows Proxy server for it and having multiple clients placing calls through the proxy. The proxy has a connection pool that creates another manager connection on the fly as needed. Pool size is set to 10 but it hardly ever even goes higher than 3. Even the one connection is fast enoug to keep up with 15 clients. It destroys the manager conenction if it has been inactive for 5 minutes. Important to note that you login with Events=OFF with the manager conenctions that will execute Actions.

I initiate upto 15 -20 calls at a time for a conference system i am building and i have no problem, jus tmake sure that you set Async: yes when you send the command to the api.

Well, the “Async” parameter does help.
Thank you, gventer.


How do you identify that another connection is needed / that a connection is working to full capacity? I mean, you could just go on trying to send everything over one connection. Probably my view to manager connections is unclear because of the Asterisk-Java API I use inbetween.

@gventer can you please help?
I am using PAMI and when the dialed extension picks up the call it dials other local extension numbers automatically and does not dial to the customer number :frowning:
Code am using is:

$actionid = md5(uniqid());
$originateMsg = new OriginateAction(“SIP/726@voipgw”);

Hijacked thread. You already have a new thread for this, and your issue is clearly not that of the original thread.

@david551 I am in real need of solving this issue, i was reading @gventer reply so thought it might be good to ask him here as well :frowning: