Can't dial out from asterisk-java

I’m trying to set up a java app to dial a number and send a series of DTMF digits. I have an asterisk set up with a working SIP account and can dial in to asterisk-java through it and I can connect to my asterisk with a softphone and call outside. From java, I can connect to my asterisk with managerConnection.

So far so good. But, when I try to make a call with originateAction I get nowhere.

I’ve followed this tutorial: but am apparently unable to setup the Hello Manager! example with the correct originateAction information.

What information do you need to help me figure this out?



There are any stack trace ?
using Asterisk CLI>show manager connected Ypu will see if there is API connection established
I rather use package
AsteriskServer class with orginateToExtension()
DefaultAsteriskServer to get connection to *