Cant Dial Internal Ext & External Calls


Thanks !!

My Old Asterik Server was crashed, due to bad clusters in HDD found and its cannot be started at all.

I downloaded Latest Asterik Server & Installed / configured following settings.

----> Setup User Extension and Logged in - When dial Ext to Ext gives - Not Acceptable Here
----> Setup Inbound Call Routes - Works Perfectly.

But, I couldn’t make Internal & External Calls from my users extensions.

I would like to know what are steps & how to do i configure Outbound Calling Routes and there Dail Pattern & Prefix.

I live in Dubai, below are local & mobile number codes.

Dubai Local Number # 04 (Area Code) - (Office Number) 2497858.
Sharjah Local Number # 06 (Area Code) - (Office Number) 2497858.

Our Country Mobile # 050-8082448.

Kindly let me know

  1. How to add the Dail Patterns + Prefix to make outgoing calls externally to Landline & mobile
  2. How to transfer & to make and recieve calls from extension to extension.

into my Elastix Server to make and start outgoing calls !!

Your response will be highly appreciated !!


Have you forgot the internal route? for example, AnyDID to anyDID?

Dan@ TieUs SIP Trunk