Can't call a fellow client

I have configured the asterisk and after making a call it turns out I can’t and I check for an error like this, i need the solustion please

As shown in your “sip show peers” and as stated in the WARNING - the SIP peer you are attempting to call is absent/not registered. Asterisk can’t send a call to someone if it has no idea how to talk to them.

thank you the answer. so what do I do so that my clients can connect to each other

You configure them to register to Asterisk with their credentials. If it’s not working then you’d need to show the registration attempt and such.

this is my file extension .conf

this is my file sip.conf

from two file, what wrong from my konfigurasi?? . thanks

That configuration does not match fully with what your “sip show peers” has. As well, this problem doesn’t appear to be on Asterisk. You need to confirm the configuration on the clients to ensure they are set to register and also show a registration attempt in “sip set debug on”. If no registration attempt is shown then it’s either a firewall or client problem.

does it mean I have to turn off the firewall on my server?

Or configure it to allow the needed traffic through.

so what things can I do to solve the problem sir, I don’t know what I want to do, I’m still learning

I’ve already told you what you need to do. The client isn’t registered. You have to figure out why. Is it even trying? Is the client configured to do so? Does it have the right credentials? Is a firewall blocking it?

These are all questions you need to answer.

I don’t know how to check whether the firewall is blocking