Cannot make outbound call 401 Unauthorized

Hey guys

Just wanted some help on setting up my first PBX.
My setup is as follows:
Elastix Server running on VirtualBox. (
Zoiper phone running on Windows. (

This is the content of my error log when trying to make an outbound call from the Zoiper phone:

Sorry for the long debug output, I’m assuming every bit of info is important.
I can do commands like *60 successfully so I am assuming the phone is correctly registered, but I cannot make outbound calls.
Please advise if possible and also advise on ways I could better provide debug output :smiley: I am very new to this whole world

The 401 is not a problem. The question is why are you getting service unavailable. You don’t have sufficient logging to answer that. Try again with verbosity set to 5 and possibly with debug set to 5.

Hi David.

Thanks for your reply.
Here is my output after changing verbose and debug settings:

Please note that I did remove some of the “Unauthorized” and “Bad Event” output, on your recommendation that this is not the issue
Kind regards

This appears to be a dialplan configuration issue. Some logic for catching incorrect dialed numbers is executing in the from-internal context for “00123480502” which is causing it to play back an audio prompt and send a 503 Service Unavailable. We would need to see the dialplan logic to understand why.

Hi JColp

Thanks for the reply, here is my extensions.conf file:

Since this is an Elastix(FreePBX back end) Your dialplan its not your dialplan. You need to check your configuration at your GUI and maybe at your extensions_additional.conf(where the real dialplan lives).

Said that I saw in your messed up log this:

[quote]-- Executing [00123480502@from-internal:5] Progress(“SIP/23-00000000”, “”) i n new stack
[2015-09-28 14:43:37] DEBUG[3255][C-00000000]: pbx.c:4883 pbx_extension_helper: Launching ‘Playback’
– Executing [00123480502@from-internal:6] Playback(“SIP/23-00000000”, “silence/1&cannot-complete-as-dialed&check-number-dial-again,noanswer”) in new stack[/quote]

Usually the Cannot complete as dialed is due to a bad “outbound route” configuration. Check your outbound rules and try again. For better support I suggest you to go to or

I recognise you from the Elastix forums :smile: good man.

I will be double-checking my outbound route config and trunk config this evening and will report back.


Hi all
My route, trunk and extension are specified as follows:
Here is the output when I try to make the call:

The message I get back on Zoiper is: 503 Service unavailable with the audio: “All circuits are busy now, please try again later.”