Cannot get rid of SIP Locks issue


I have a SIP Locks issue, that has been plaguing my Asterisk v11 implementation for a long time now. The issue is as follows: Every once in a while, on any one of my 80 or so Asterisk boxes, Asterisk will stop processing any new SIP requests, while continuing to bridge the currently running calls. This can happen randomly at any time of day and on any Asterisk box. Some boxes experience it more than others but not necessarily during peak hours. I’ve found that using a Solid State Disk (SSD) offers some improvement. Moving the astdb to the /dev/shm RAM drive also makes things a little better.

I am using Asterisk 11.25.1 with chan_sip. My Realtime SIP table has 375,000 records which prevents me from making the transition to Asterisk v17 with pjsip, because of the hard-coded limit on the total number of in-memory object allocations of 100,000. I’ve been struggling with this SIP Locks issue for a long time now without ever being able to find a solution. Any help would be most appreciated.

Kind regards.

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