Cannot dial from sip2 in IP Phone

Guys i have Fanvil C56 which support 2 sip. But if i register 2 of sip account IP Phone in Asterisk, How can i dial sip 2 from My IP Phone ? Because that always sip account 1 can show to other IP Phone when i called. Please any suggestion ? i have no clue in manual book IP Phone Fanvil C56.

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Could you please re-phrase this in abstract SIP protocol terms as I doublt anyone knows the specific capabilities of the phone model to which you refer.

To specifically address one of multiple lines sharing the same IP address you must provide a user part to the SIP URI, possibly the extension number. This requires that the phone support this.

The normal way of distinguishing two lines coming from the same IP address is to use the user part of the From address, either by using type=user, but this can have undesirable side effects if the same digit string appears in caller IDs on “trunks”, or by using “ex-girlfriend logic”, to make the dialplan selective on caller ID. Again this requires the phone to be able to set different user fields for the two lines.

thanks before for your suggest, i use 2 sip or 2 diffrent extensions on my IP Phone conect to one asterisk server address. For sip 1 = ext 5102 and sip 2 = ext 5103 but if i dial to ext 5101 which another IP Phone the number extension show caller id always ext 5102, i use Fanvil C56 IP Phone. What is from asterisk can disable sip1 if i need dial from sip 2 ? Please help me, because i already find out from Manual Book and web of Vendor there is no clue for this case.

By default, Asterisk will report the caller ID sent by the phone, so you need to take this up with the supplier of the phone, after making sure that you have not forced the caller ID in your sip.conf (or users.conf).

If you actually want to use a different context for each line, you will need to use type=friend.

(Note that simplest configurations are not best security practice.

Thanks David issue is resolved, i have received intruction from Fanvil Support and i follow that, it solved.

Hello Arovah,

I have the same problem.
Can you post the way to select sip1 or sip2 line before calling.

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