Can we change the default MySQL database of asterisk FreePBX?

Hi all,
is it possible to change the default MySQL based “asterisk” database to some remote Database like Oracle / SQL Server ? Again, this is not for CDR, but i’m looking for the complete DB migration of database with name “asterisk” having table names like freepbx_users, sip,sipsettings, cxpanel_users,freepbx_settings etc.,
If so, please let me know the details how one can use a remote Database other than MySQL for serving as the asterisk freepbx back-end DB

We wouldn’t know Ask the FreePBX community:

Does Asterisk not use the Asterisk Database? Can this not be done via the CLI?

Some things that are stored in the internal database are:
Custom Device State
SIP and PJSIP registration data
Queue persistent members

You can manipulate the internal database with the ‘database’ command from the CLI