Can third-party codecs be used in Asterisk?

Hello all,

I have a question may be it is silly, but even it is I need an advice.
For example I have a AAC-LC hd-codec or BV16 codec, I wounder if I could somehow add it to the Asterisk and use it? Is it can be used in general (for example, there are no license issue at all)? Is it even possible?
And the last one what are the basic steps for that, if you faced with this? ( In case if I have just .c files with code).

Thank you very uch for the help!

Best regards, Cordialement,

This sounds more like a developer question, than an end user one.

Asterisk is open source code, distributed under the GPL with additional permissions. From a copyright point of view, you can use any codec, for which you have a suiable licence, within your own organisation. If you distribute to others, the codec will need to have a, valid, GPL compatible licence. Patents may be a different matter.