Can many sip phones be on the same port 5060

Sip phones and asterisk are all on the same network 192.168.0.? Should these sip phones be configured on a different ports like
phone1 port 5060
phone2 port 5061
phone3 port 5962 etc…

Or should all the sip phone be on the same port 5060?

They all use the same port, in the SIP phones it will ask you what port number to use, you should make sure they are set to use port 5060 as that is the default port for SIP.

You can however change that but not recommended to do so.



generally yes. Asterisk will listen on one port (5060) and then each phone can connect from any port (usually also 5060)
so you have the following connections setup-
phone1:5060 - asterisk:5060
phone2:5060 - asterisk:5060
phone3:5060 - asterisk:5060
etc etc

The ONLY TIME when this will not work is when all the phones are behind a NAT, and asterisk isn’t. Remember that NAT translates the phone’s internal address into the external WAN IP and then remembers it as a binding, so the above situation gets translated into:
wanIP:5060 - asterisk:5060
wanIP:5060 - asterisk:5060
wanIP:5060 - asterisk:5060

Thus when asterisk sends ANY packet back, it will go to whichever phone recently transmitted, which probably won’t be the phone it was meant for.

So basically, the only time you need many SIP local ports is when more than one phone is behind a NAT and the asterisk box isn’t.