Can I stop a OPTIONS sip message sending?

Now I use Sipp3.2 for windows to do Asterisk(V1.8.10) benchmarking/stresstest.One question is :when I am waiting 1 sip package such as INVITE, Asterisk sends a OPTIONS sip package,so the sipp will stop and tell me “Aborting call on unexpected message for …: while expecting ‘180’ (index 2), received OPTIONS Not Acceptable Here”.
So can I stop Asterisk’s OPTIONS sending?
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Better would be to configure SIPP to handle out of dialogue OPTIONS.

Which config file is he param “qualify=no”?
How to configure sipp to avoid ?

Question 1: guess, use grep (on the sample files), Google, or read the documentation.
Question 2: I’m not sufficiently familiar with SIPP to know how to get it to ignore noise packets.

I am sorry.It seems I am lazy very much.
So I am going to do as you say.