Can I specify context in a SIP Dial command?

exten => 201,1,Wait(1)
exten => 201,2,Dial(SIP/201@123.456.789.123,20)
exten => 201,3,Hangup

This fails on the receiving end with an error that extension 201 does not exist in context “default”. How do I tell it that 201 is in “intern” context?

In the context you are calling from try this

include => intern

Sorry, I was not more specific

I’m trying to dial from server A to Server B, hence the IP addr in the dial string. Debug on the called server (B) shows the connection attempt but fails because exten 201 does not exist in context ‘default’ on that machine. It is in context ‘intern’ on that machine.

I suppose there would be several ways to go about it. Quick and easy would be in the default context server b

exten _201,1,Goto(intern,s,1) ;;or whatever matches the priority you want to goto