Can i send ussd code form asterisk with out any softphone

Hello sir
I have 2 scenario . i have gsm gateway in attach via my asterisk .
each day i need to top up via ussd code .
Dial - *123#
press 1 - 20 min
Press 2 - 40 minutes
Press 3 - Exit

press 1 - conformation
press 2 - exit

what i like to do i will insert those instruction in my gui and send pre define code at a time to my gsm gateway
*123# wait 2 second then send 1 wait 2 second send then send 1

If any one help me i will be very happy

We can’t answer questions about any GUI. Please use the forum for that GUI.

As long as the GSM gateway can accept * and #, it should be straightforward, when directly coded as dialplan.

I dont know about the GUI ,but you can accomplish such task using AMI’s originate action and Local channels

Hello sir
Plz share me any extension samples in command line

That will be nice

It is unlikely anyone has any ready made examples. These forums are not a substitute for understanding how dialplans work.

I have some good examples for you

Note if using AMI you will need to use an external programming language (Python or PHP are one of the best option in my personal opinion).

My question was simple is it possible send USSD code via asterisk if yes, is their any demo examples so i will make it by my self . instated of that i discover my self that its a rocket science .

Forum ! to get help , not to make your self confused . when we write a topic on the forum we are already confused .regarding that topic or subject . its not necessary to make us more confused .
I am really good in asterisk agi . I am not a asterisk programmer but i know language how to communicate and control asterisk with my code .

When i create this topic i knock several asterisk GIG , i hope they will not confused me .
some one send me the asterisk origination extension examples.
Some one write me this - >These forums are not a substitute for understanding how dial-plans work.

i request to all developer and community members try to help each others . we all know you people are working on asterisk more then a decade , you all are knowledgeable and more smarter then people like me. But we are not dump we will learn eventually by your help or not

I’d be surprised if it was possible to answer to ussd messages. ussd is a separate protocol (gsm ts 03.90 I believe), and unless the gateway explicitly handles it, odds are it wont work. You may be able to trigger the initial *digits# sequence, but the answer is not a voice nor a text (SMS) message.
Some operator offer also a short number to dial into an ivr to top-up. You should look that way

is it possible to any one provide me short number dial plan example
IVR to top up

Whilst I don’t personally do paid consultancy at the moment, you need to indicate how much you are prepared to pay for this work.

david551 Thanks for your reply . i will pay nothing . cause nothing is every thing . i f i need any employ i can hair by myself . dot make your self important .
if you need any help regarding agi or asterisk plz knock me i will help you or help google he will not charge you