Can CLI be run as non root user

I would like to give access to the asterisk CLI to a non root user. Can this be accomplished?

I have set up asterisk to run as user asterisk and group asterisk and seems to be running fine. I have added the user to the group asterisk so they can modify configs. Now I want them to be able to monitor/start/stop/reload without giving them root access.

I can not seem to find answers by googling the subject.

Any ideas???



I contacted the moderators when it happened and no one has gotten back to me or taken them out…glad to see this forum is monitored frequently…NOT.

Anyways I figured this on out on my own…got my system running as user asterisk and have CLI access.


We are people here that try to help others. This is a place where we donate our time. We are not obligated to do anything for you. You have posted your question several times with no response. Either there was no one here or no one knew the Answer. Asterisk is free. Treat it as such. If you demand for great support then pay for it. We here are not obligated to do anything for you. We give of our time freely for others. Your threats do not hurt us as we do not get paid to reply to your questions here. We do it out of the goodness of our hearts. If you are unhappy go pay $20,000 for a locked down PBX.


Two things, firstly you seem to expect people to work over a weekend !!!

Secondly It would be much better to give them access to a web interface to make changes and reload not give out the cli access, gastman is a good option as it allows commands and if graphical.


If you want to give them the ability to run CLI commands remotely you can use the AMI interface. Check out the astcli script in /trunk/contrib/scripts directory for a simple implementation which should work on most versions of asterisk.