Can Asterisk PBX integrate with Cisco CallManager?

I am currently running Cisco CallManager 4.0. I need to setup a small call Center type environment for call queing and routing but that piece of CallManager is very expensive. So I was looking at Asterisk to see if I can integrate it with my current CallManager for that extra functionality. Does anyone know if this is possible?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


It is completely possible. I am intergrating a ccme with asterisk now for voicemail and will add more features like meetme and stuff down the road.

The wiki has a good page on it … ntegration

We did it like described on … ntegration for the SIP trunks on the CallManager.

But on the Asterisk side I just had to create SIP trunks to the CallManager in AMP. I can paste some details if you need them.

Can you post some details on how you created your SIP trunk on the * side. I have created the CM side and can see the calls hitting *, but they are not arriving at the phone. I have my incoming routes set, but the reports say no answer. On the CM side extension I receive a fast busy. If you could post some details.


I had to do 2 things on my Asterisk@Home:

  1. Create the trunk on *, using AMP for this. Here are the details of the trunk:
  • Dial Rules: [1-36]XX
  • Outgoing settings
    Trunk Name: to-cisco-CM
    PEER Details: host= ; type=peer
  • Incoming settings
    User Context: from-cisco-CM
    User Details: host= ; type=friend
  1. In the extensions.conf file, change the context from-sip-external to something like

;give external sip users congestion and hangup ;exten => _.,1,AbsoluteTimeout(15) ;exten => _.,2,Congestion ;exten => _.,3,Hangup include => ext-local
Or change the default context in sip.conf to a context you use …

I had to do the 2) because I also was hearing a fast-busy tone.

Hope this helps!