Can anyone explain this

WARNING[21426]: chan_sip.c:4864 check_auth: Stale nonce received from ‘sip:user@serverip

i am running an asterisk server, i keep getting these messages frequently.
what i know so far is when a phone tries to register, the server passes a nonce to the phone on which all sip related activity is performed.
and with the network delay the nonce gets expired, thus resulting in stale nonce

but can anyone define this whole message in details, like what really happening, cause this message seems to be getting more frequent than before… :frowning:

nobody ever encounter this problem…??? :open_mouth:

please i really need to resolve this issue

anyone please…??? :open_mouth: … 14368.html

I think this happens when the registration timers on the Asterisk box, and the sip devices that register with it, don’t agree.

You might try having the registration of the phone expire sooner than the timeout setting of the asterisk box.