Callpick Group NOTIFY


I’m trying to find if pjsip has a way to add a “target uri = callerID” to the XML of the SIP notify. When it used sip_chan was the parameter “notifycid”. Is there any similar parameter to PJSIP ? I would like to see who is calling an extension of pick group monitored by BLF.

When I capture SIP package I can see that Asterisk XML is not coming with the caller parameter.

I would like to see 7178 <- 12345678910

Thanks !

There is an open issue[1] for this. You can try the attached patch and see if it helps.


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Thanks I will apply this patch and see if works… Is there a expectation to fix it in the next pjsip release ?

Thank you again !

There are currently no code reviews open for this functionality. All code, whether it comes from Digium/Sangoma or the community, has to go through code review before being merged and included into Asterisk.

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