Calling zap line

hello all. I managed to get a zap card working this morning. I can call in with no problem and call out with no problem except. this

currently i have a trunk called
exten => 1XXX,1,DIAL(ZAP/1/${EXTEN})
That does not work how ever

exten =>1190,1,DIAL(ZAP/1/${EXTEN})
does work

how can i pass a four digit extension to zap. I am calling extensions on my intertel system
I have asterisk setup on a analog extension

Thanks alot.

any ideas yet?

Off the top of my head

exten => _1NXX,1,DIAL(ZAP/1/${EXTEN})

from the documentation :

; Extension names may be numbers, letters, or combinations ; thereof. If an extension name is prefixed by a '_' ; character, it is interpreted as a pattern rather than a ; literal.