Calling on S101I (iaxy) and canno't hear voice


I’ve setting up my S101I with those parameters :

ip: netmask: gateway: codec: ulaw server: user: 103 pass: 103 register

my iax.conf user :

callerid=device <103>

When I’m calling my IAX2 user from a SIP client from an internal number, no problem !

But when I’m calling this IAX2 user from my external number (08xxxxxxxxx), I can’t hear him but he can hear me.

For testing, I decide to replace my S101I by my ip phone (PA168X Phone) setting up with the same IAX2 account (same lan cable).

From this test, I can either phone from internal and external without problem.

My question is : Is there a special parameter to tune in my s101I ?

my config :
TRIBOX 1.2.3

Thanks for advance.

this is odd. my iaxy is configured similarly (except for dhcp) and it works fine. what is even weirder is that (i’m assuming) your iaxy is registering with your asterisk box, so it shouldn’t even be talking to the outside host.

Yes it is odd, and yes my iaxy is registring with my asterisk box ;o)

Furthermore, I can etablish a good call when calling outside, but the problem only appear when someone calling me FROM ouside ! (inside calls are ok)

Do the problem is able to come from these options :

;heartbeat ;debug ; ; Feature tuning (default is all enabled) ; ;disablecid ;disablecw ;disablecidcw ;disable3way

Thanks for your reply !

The problem isn’t solve :confused:

And it is true with two differents analogics phones connected on the Digium s101i gateway.

This the default configuration file for the s101i

; ; IAXY Provisioning description ; dhcp ;ip: ;netmask: ;gateway: codec: ulaw ;codec: adpcm server: ;altserver: user: myuser pass: mypass register ;heartbeat ;debug ; ; Feature tuning (default is all enabled) ; ;disablecid ;disablecw ;disablecidcw ;disable3way

Please someone know what are the 4 options at the end of the file ?
Is there others parameters wich are not set in this file ?
Is there any explication somewhere for this ?


I have no idea. The four things at the end of the iaxy file are whether to disable call waiting and such. Can’t be it…

ok thanks for your answer,

I have not yet solve my problem, but I’m working on ti ;o)

I have one more question to you :
With your DIGIUM gateway and an analogique phone, is it possible to transert call ? With which key ?


Need to use only one kind of codec :

part of my iax.conf



glad you solved it. i never thought to look in asterisk (where i do the same thing just because i don’t want other codecs), so it never bit me.