Calling an analogue phone


I would like to place a call from a SIP phone to an analogue device connected to a SpiderMUX TDMoE channelbank. Calling from the analogue phone is working correctly, I can place a call to a SIP phone. Calling to the analogue phone is not working yet… It probably has got something to do how DAHDI works. I’m new in configuring this so I though I might just go ahead and post the question on this forum :smile:

cat /proc/dahdi/*

Span 1: WCT1/0 "Wildcard TE121 Card 0" (MASTER) HDB3/CCS/CRC4 RED
	IRQ misses: 1

	   1 WCT1/0/1 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	   2 WCT1/0/2 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	   3 WCT1/0/3 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	   4 WCT1/0/4 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	   5 WCT1/0/5 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	   6 WCT1/0/6 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	   7 WCT1/0/7 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	   8 WCT1/0/8 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	   9 WCT1/0/9 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  10 WCT1/0/10 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  11 WCT1/0/11 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  12 WCT1/0/12 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  13 WCT1/0/13 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  14 WCT1/0/14 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  15 WCT1/0/15 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  16 WCT1/0/16 HDLCFCS (In use) RED
	  17 WCT1/0/17 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  18 WCT1/0/18 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  19 WCT1/0/19 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  20 WCT1/0/20 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  21 WCT1/0/21 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  22 WCT1/0/22 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  23 WCT1/0/23 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  24 WCT1/0/24 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  25 WCT1/0/25 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  26 WCT1/0/26 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  27 WCT1/0/27 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  28 WCT1/0/28 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  29 WCT1/0/29 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  30 WCT1/0/30 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
	  31 WCT1/0/31 Clear (In use) RED (EC: MG2) 
Span 2: DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48 "Dynamic 'eth' span at 'eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48'" 

	  32 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/1 FXOKS (In use) 
	  33 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/2 FXOKS (In use) 
	  34 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/3 FXOKS (In use) 
	  35 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/4 FXOKS (In use) 
	  36 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/5 FXOKS (In use) 
	  37 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/6 FXOKS (In use) 
	  38 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/7 FXOKS (In use) 
	  39 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/8 FXOKS (In use) 
	  40 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/9 FXOKS (In use) 
	  41 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/10 FXOKS (In use) 
	  42 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/11 FXOKS (In use) 
	  43 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/12 FXOKS (In use) 
	  44 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/13 FXOKS (In use) 
	  45 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/14 FXOKS (In use) 
	  46 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/15 FXOKS (In use) 
	  47 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/16 FXOKS (In use) 
	  48 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/17 FXOKS (In use) 
	  49 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/18 FXOKS (In use) 
	  50 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/19 FXOKS (In use) 
	  51 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/20 FXOKS (In use) 
	  52 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/21 FXOKS (In use) 
	  53 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/22 FXOKS (In use) 
	  54 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/23 FXOKS (In use) 
	  55 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/24 FXOKS (In use) 
	  56 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/25 FXOKS (In use) 
	  57 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/26 FXOKS (In use) 
	  58 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/27 FXOKS (In use) 
	  59 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/28 FXOKS (In use) 
	  60 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/29 FXOKS (In use) 
	  61 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/30 FXOKS (In use) 
	  62 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/31 FXOKS (In use) 
	  63 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/32 FXOKS (In use) 

I would like to place a call to “32 DYN/eth/eth0/00:0B:3C:00:40:48/1 FXOKS (In use)”, how do I proceed with this? I added this in the extensions.conf:
exten => 301,1,Dial(DAHDI/32)

But calling to 301 from a SIP phone does not work, Asterisk says that extension 301 is not found.

What am I doing wrong here?

Do you put “exten => 301,1,Dial(DAHDI/32)” in the correct context?

I just put the line “exten => 301,1,Dial(DAHDI/32)” below [general], that should work, shouldn’t it? It didn’t work though :frowning:

I actually did put the line in the wrong context! I finally figured it out! Thanks alot!

You welcome :wink: