Callers hear employee conversations

I have Asterisk Business Edition we bought in December. First I think this is a great product. It has gone beyond our expectations. After working through most of the bugs of a new install we still have one nagging issue that comes up every few weeks.

After a person calls into our system, when they get through the IVR, and into the queue some of the callers can hear conversations that our employees are having at their desks among themselves. Its almost like a speakerphone is allowing the caller to hear the employees (one way the caller cant talk to the employees)… only none of the employees have picked up their phone.

At fist I thought it might be cross talk because of phone wiring into the TDM400 card. I changed it and it had no impact.

Here are the facts and info…

The caller hears the employees who are a part of the queue. That is to say that the other phones on the system don’t seem to act as a speakerphone.

Each of the phones are Grandstream 2000’s

3 phone lines on the system into a TDM400 card

Cat 5E is used to bring in the 3 phone lines from the phone demark (about 60 ft)

Netgear FS116P poe switch with all 6 Grandstream phones using poe

No Ethernet line to the phones is longer than 40 ft

Cat 5E is used for phone network

No computer data is on the phone network

Message log shows very normal stuff…no errors or warnings about anything that we can see.

I also tried to use the power supplies for the phones thinking it might be a network or POE issue…


Any suggestions would be accepted…


You need to look at the sip debug.

There is an off chance that a phone is getting a notify message that is switching it into Handsfree mode.

You need to replicate this then do a show channels.

Then see whats going on.

BTW do the users use headsets ?


I would recommend what ian suggests. The TDM400P does not have any cross talk itself and if you changed out the wire and made sure cross talk can’t happen then the only thing left is Asterisk itself or the phones.

We had a simlar problem it turned out to be cross talk in the telco cabeling in the pillar 100m up the street.

I had a lot of trouble getting the telco to fix it after the fault was logged three times.

Hi bwilks,

Can you tell me what the fault was and where you found it. We have looked at everything I can think of so far. What did you find?

hello Ian,

I have been looking at so many diff things I think I am at a loss to know what to look for. Everything we see looks to be normal (I still have not been in front of the system when it has done this). I have not been able to replicate this after many tries with the help of outside callers. If you have any specific hints I would be glad to try them.


It sounds like a set is going into autoanswer .

Do you use headsets ?

I have seen this many times with headsets and autoanswer.



Nope, no headsets. We do have one cordless phone that has a Grandstream HandyTone ATA-286. As of now there has been no sign that we have found that this could be the cause… We could try to remove it for a while to see if it may be an issue… It could take a long time though as we still have no way to replicate and now way to predict when it will happen…