CallerID Problem in India


I have been using Airtel (Bharti) for the asterisk IVRS application and I am having trouble in the CallerID facility. I am able to get the caller ID but could not get the complete digits. I have followed the instructions written in the doc/India-CID.txt file. For example,

if the caller id is 04522602433, asterisk is showing as 45226033
from mobile, says the number is 9443434000, asterisk is showing as 919443400

it is showing 8 digits only instead of 10 digits plus the country code and that too missing some digits in between.

I have read a posting in asterisk forum describing that a fix needs to be done in the chan_dahdi.c / callerid.c to make this work. Can someone help me to get out of this problem.

I am running the latest Asterisk version