Caller Id cutting off first character

On my Polycom phones, the first character of the caller id doesnt show.

I believe it is overwritten by the From:

So it appears as

From:ohn Smith

I want it to appear as
From: John Smith

How do I fix this?

first make sure it’s being sent correctly. try adding a NoOp(Caller ID name is ${CALLERIDNAME}) and see if it shows up right on the CLI

I confrimed that it is being sent correctly.

Excuse my ingnorance but which file would I look to make this change. Also is it in the /etc/asterisk folder?

Since the display has, for example,
From: “ohn Smith” where in the asterisk code could I look for problem.

I suspect that something is stepping on the 1st charecter and needs to be adjusted out by 1 space.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

since i am missing the 1st character - can it possibly be from the line below?

exten => s,2,GotoIf($["${CALLERIDNAME:0:${LEN(${RGPREFIX})}}" != “${RGPREFIX}”]?4:3) ;
check for ring-group prefix
exten => s,3,SetCIDName(${CALLERIDNAME:${LEN(${RGPREFIX})}}) ; strip off prefix

thanks in advance

You should try IronHelix’s suggestion, add

somewhere in your dial plan, and see from CLI if Asterisk received caller ID correctly.