Callback Call-Id

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I am using callback structure on Asterisk. How can I use the same or similar ongoing callid in two leg calls for callback.

Call-ID: 1950643c5ae48b9d79a00cb412d9ef1a@…

You can’t. Each leg is completely independent and the SIP Call-ID is randomly generated. As well, if they were the same then that would break SIP as they are two calls.

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Yes, I know that it occurs differently for each call. But there is a similar feature in the sbc we use. In the Call-id continuation for the second leg, a few lines of new information are added. And the area before is the same. How can I do this in Asterisk.


Leg1 : 123ouoıj9183@192…
Leg2 : 123ouoıj9183-491@192…

You can’t. Asterisk is not an SBC, and it’s also not strictly a SIP platform. The functionality has not been written to do such a thing and does not currently exist.

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