Call waiting ringtone question

Relatively new to this so please be patient with my terminology!

My company has just set up an Asterisk server using sip lines with Yealink T-2x handsets and we’ve pretty much set everything up except for a snag with call waiting.

When a extension is busy and another extension tries to contact it, the busy extension hears the call waiting tone, but the extension contacting the busy extension only hears the normal ringing tone.

My question as follows: is there any way to change the ringing tone for the person calling the busy extension so they hear something other than the normal ringing tone? We would be covered even if the person calling could hear the busy tone, as long as the first extension (talking) still had call waiting so they could see who’s calling them.

Hope this all makes sense to you!


It can be done with adding an additonal header to the SIP Invite message, but it must be supported by the IP Phone. And since I don’t use Yealink, I don’t know about this …

He didn’t mean ring tone, he meant ringback tone.

I don’t know if the call waiting is being processed by the phone, or whether it is the new Asterisk call completion service logic. In the former case, I would need to see what, if any, information the phone had provided. For the latter case, I don’t have a recent enough system to know the details of how it works.