Call Transfer & CDR

Hi All

I’m trying to provide call transfer service, but the problem is with CDRs dropped by Asterisk.

When I use blind transfer and when A calls to B and B transfers A to C, asterisk drops CDR as if A called to C - hmmmmm what if C is PSTN or mobile user, how can I charge B for transfering a call.

When I use attended transfer builded in SIP IP phone with scenario as abowe
Asterisk drops CDR as if B calls to A and to C, so B is charged twice even for
connection A to B.

I couldn’t test attended transfer builded in Asterisk because it doesn’t work and I see:
NOTICE[18165]: res_features.c:1003 ast_feature_request_and_dial: Don’t know what to do about control frame: -1

Any suggestions and solution.

Has anybody put attended transfer into effect??

It is basic service for offices so I’m disappointed of Asterisk that it dosen’t provide such a feature or it works improperly.