Call Script - auto calling

Hi Guys,

I am look for a couple of pointers, I am trying to get Asterisk to call a set of numbers in a sequence until cancelled by someone calling in.

  1. Caller 1 calls in and presses 2 enders pin 1234
  2. Asterisk calls pager number 1 then wait 10 minutes if not cancelled called again
  3. If not cancelled call pager number 2 after 10 minutes
  4. caller 2 calls in press 2 enter pin 4567 and cancels call to pager.

Has this been done? is this possible and does anyone have any pointers on how to do this?


It is certainly possible. There are several ways of doing it. All involve a non-trivial amount of work to flesh out the design.

You will probably need to use call files or Originate. You will probably need to use a global variable or database entry to store information needed to cancel the process.