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i need one help i have total 3 sip gsm gateway/ those are like GW1 /GW2 and GW3
i want to send call those 3 device equally with single prefix i mean to say i want to send call with 0 prioroty so those device call pass with single prefix equally now if i make single prefix than first hit call to gw1 then gw2 then gw3 but i want to pass call randomly can any one help me about it please

context from-server {
_01X. => {



now i passed call like this on extenstions.ael i want to send call randomly with 3 device

Use the RANDOM function, in a switch, or you could use nested random statements.

Note very few people use AEL and I had to do some looking up, which I might have got wrong.

AEL is great fun! Here are some examples using random key word in AEL.

TIL switch has a pattern.

random != equal – but it is probably ‘good enough.’

Increment with modulo (or an if statement) may be another avenue.

Also, what to do if a gateway is busy?

you can set dialplan like this with function RAND:
exten => s, n, Set(randgw=${RAND(1,2,3)})

and then ExecIf() …

The OP is using AEL, so whilst one probably could use ExecIF, it would be mixing to different ways of coding conditional execution.

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