Call recordings and PCI

Our call center is going through PCI Compliance. As part of our business, we speak to customers and sometimes process a credit card payment over the phone. My issue is that I have to record the calls for QA but I am not allowed to record the call and save the spoken CVV2 (the 3 or 4 digit code on the back of a credit card).

Somehow I need to mask this info while it is recording or crawl the completed call recordings and “beep” it out…I have no ideas


In features.conf you can set up call recording. You can then have your agents start recording and then stop it when the caller says their csv number. The only other option I see is to manually beep out the csv.

Another option may be is to use chanspy to record the calls, keep track of the channel (that is spyting) and have some DTMF option in features.conf that will run a script which will look up the spying channel and issue a soft hang up, wait 10 seconds and start recording again.

I realize that this is a very old post. But did you find a solution for this?