Call Recording Audio Gap

Hello All,

After pressing *7 to enable call recording, an announcement is heard stating - “Call recording is now enabled.” Immediately afterwards there is no audio on either end of the call for about 20-30 seconds. After this period, the call resumes as normal.

The asterisk version is 1.6

I’m wondering how to go about troubleshooting this problem ? I reviewed the logs and nothing is jumping out at me. except maybe this ?

[Sep 18 14:28:42] WARNING[7693] file.c: Unable to open beep-soft (format 0x200004 (ulaw|h264)): No such file or directory [Sep 18 14:28:57] WARNING[7693] file.c: File beep-soft does not exist in any format

As I was googling it looks like the record function calls a beep, where can I see what sounds the record functions are calling ?