Call Quality Issues

Hi All,

I work for company that has offices in both France and London who use Asterix as it’s telephone solution.

There are about 100 users of the system

We are experiencing some problems in the UK with the quality of calls that France do not seem to have.

When we make a call to the France office (over a VPN), or to any external number from the UK, we seem to get some crackling or the conversation is very ‘jumpy’. This quality issue is not present all the time, even in one conversation the quality can start excellent, then be poor, and then return to excellent again.

We are having real issues in trying to understand where we need to start investigating this problem as it seems to be UK based.

Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated.



You should do some monitoring of the internet connection to check for network issues (lost packets, collisions, crc errors etc). Also make sure you have plenty of bandwith available for all of the simultaneous calls you want to make. If you also share the same connection with data, make sure a) your not pushing so much data/voice your filling up your pipe, b) you are using QoS so your voice packets have higher priority than the data.