Call php scrip from asterisk

Hi Wish you a very happy new year Please enter your policy number

While I pass the above sentence as a parameter to php scrip I have to apply %20 mannually?

I don’t think this has anything to do with Asterisk

can you help me what should I do for below case.

  1. I have created one python script to for TTS pupose, that script takes 2 parameter one filename (PL121) and second a complete message like “Thank you for calling ABC Company” however I dont know how to call that script correctly.

same => n,AGI( python PL131 Hi Amazon Wish You A very happy newyear Please enter you mobile number)

Use pair of double quotes with yous string.
Note that if you are using AGI then you need to use comma to separate your arguments

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:smile: your issue is not related to Asterisk but you can use functions urlencode or rawurlencode