Call of form: Dial(SIP/

Hello !

According to the book Asterisk, the future of telephony, chapter 5, page 88, it should be possible to define an extension like this:

exten => 124,1,Dial(SIP/

I guess this will mean that if extension 124 is called, this call is transfered to the external address

If I call fron xten light it works.

When I try to do the same via Asterisk (without any logon on this server) it does not work.

All my incomming and outgoing connection that runs trough other servers that my server is logged on to works fine.

Is it possible to call a abretary sip address via the asterisk server with a address on this form without being logged on to this server (when xten can do the same.)

Would it for instence require some certain configuration of the sip.conf file to obtain this ? (The general parameters ??)

By the way I am using the newest Asterisk version, dowloaded from Digium yesterday.

Best reg Arne

Never mind - problem solved.