Call limit in realtime asterisk

I would like to know how to use call-limit in realtime table. since i was not able to use in 10 version of asterisk. i was googling while i found that call-limit is not working in realtime from the following link:

I would like to know whether this issue has been resolved or not.

Although they seem to have given it the wrong status code (“fixed” instead of “not a bug”), it is quite clear from that issue report that it is being treated as intended behaviour, and the report is being rejected.

The only time intended behaviour can be changed is on the initial issue of a new major version. You say that has already happened, so you should update to that version. If you have programming skills, you may be able to work out how to back port the skills, or you might be able to employ a contractor to do so. Some backports can be very difficult.

Actually, it is not clear that you are saying that this is implemented in version 10. If it has not yet implemented, it will be treated as a “feature request without a patch”, and will not be implemented until someone contributes code, or the developers decide to do so themselves.

If not yet implemented, it will not appear before release 12, even if someone contributes code now.

It is possible that the “not a bug” status disn’t exist in 2006, when the issue was rejected, and that may explain why it is marked as fixed.