Call is dropped after 30 seconds when it’s on hold

Hi All,

We are using SAP Contact Center 7.0.12 integrated with Asterisk 11.
Call is working appropriately but when the call is on hold, it’s dropped after 30 seconds.

When we executed a sniffer we note the following information:
X-Asterisk-HangupCause: Requested channel not available
X-Asterisk-HangupCauseCode: 44

And SAP Contact Center use Virtual Units like components.

When call start the SIP is using, when the call is on hold the communication is changed I think Asterisk dropped call because it unknows the IP

Does someone know how we can solve the issue?

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30 Seconds is the default disconnect timer for a call setup…
Are you sure the call gets setup, I mean, INVITE,200 OK and ACK are done?

If not the call is not setup is not completed so the call will be dropped after 30 seconds…

Could also be something else, but thats the first think I look at when a connection is dropped after 30 seconds.

I think a RE-INVITE should be sent whe the IP has been updated